Episode 12: Horseback from New York to LA with Alex Cord

alex cord


You may know Alex Cord as an actor. After all he appeared in more than 30 films including several westerns and 300 television shows. Perhaps most notably, he was Archangel on the hit series Airwolf. But what you may not know is that beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Alex is first and foremost, a horseman.

His love of horses began at a very early age when he developed an admiration for the horse that pulled the milk cart in his neighborhood. Then it was pony rides down his street, admiring the racehorses at Belmont Park, and riding bulls and bareback horses at Madison Square Garden. His love of horses took him into the world of professional polo, three NCHA Celebrity Cutting Championships, competing in 16 of Ben Johnson’s celebrity rodeos around the country, team roping and now, classical dressage.

Although Alex Cord has not been without his share of obstacles, like contracting Polio at age 12 and the death of his own son later in life, he has for the most part, lived a life that many only dream of.

If you enjoy hearing Alex’s story in the interview, you will have a chance to pick up his autobiography, “All True” in early 2015.

What do you think is the most important quality for any good cowboy to have?

Alex references his friend, actor Ben Johnson, calling him the “quintessential cowboy.” He describes Ben as a man with great integrity and respect. Someone who always removed his hat and treated women with the utmost respect. Impeccable manners. The type of man that any cowboy should aspire to be.

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