Episode 44: Horses are Healers with Tim Hayes

horses are healers


In this episode, I speak with equine clinician Tim Hayes. Tim never rode a horse until he was 48 years old, but was fortunate enough to learn with some of the greatest horsemen to ever live. Today he travels the country giving his own clinics and he recently came out with a book, Riding Home: The Power of Horses to Heal.

He explores the power of horses to act as a catalyst for healing and rehabilitation in prisoners, military personnel and people with disabilities. Some of the profound transformations that take place are downright remarkable.

What do you think is the most important quality for any good cowboy to have?

The way they get along with their horse. Do they have compassion?

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Hayes Is For Horses

Riding Home: The Power of Horses to Heal

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